Welcome to this little corner of the web, dedicated to my ramblings about the world of theatre, music, comedy and variety. I’m really not qualified to give any professional critique, this is more me jotting down some thoughts on my experiences in the hope that it will inspire others to go out and support theatre groups in their area.

I’ve recently relocated to London from Manchester so this will be fairly London-centric, I’m afraid, but I will be trying to see as many touring productions and shows in various regions as possible. And of the London-based shows, these will cross all genres and venues, so hopefully won’t give the impression that theatre doesn’t exist outside of Shaftesbury Avenue – because I don’t subscribe to that theory at all.

Feel free to drop me a line with recommendations and news of shows and events coming up in your area, or even to discuss your favourite venues. I’m currently aiming to see at least one show a month outside of London, so any help with recommendations is always gladly received!


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