Medieval Banquet ~ St Katherine’s Docks ~ 05.01.2018

This was an unexpected surprise, and whilst I’m not really here for restaurant reviews, I’ll make an exception for this because the event is more about the entertainment than the food, but I probably ought to briefly mention the dining anyway.

I’ll hold my hands up and say as someone who really enjoys the history of music and especially the Renaissance and the culture that goes with it, I had my reservations about this night. But I needn’t have worried – in the end what was offered up was a fun night of mess hall dining as the entertainment continued in the centre of the space.

So let’s start with the layout and dining element of the night – a central performance area with blocks of seating either side. Each seating section comprised two long tables and had its own serving wench, who brought the four courses; soup, cheese and ham platters, chicken and vegetable dinner, and slices of fruit pie. Prior to attending (and again on the night) the venue checked for allergies, intolerences or other dietary preferences so they can substitute options for non-carnivores if you advise them when booking. The food was simple but nice and was accompanied by free-flowing ale and wine all evening.

The entertainment is where the night comes into its own. As you enter the venue, singers, dancers and jugglers are wandering around the main space, performing in turn as crowd gather around the costume hire and various trinket stands before taking their seats. During the event, there are structured times for serving a course, allowing people some time for eating, then a section of performance.

The singing was superb – both solo and choral numbers from all singers were strong on the night. The contortionist was unbelievable good and I still can’t quite get my head around some of the bending. The juggler was very entertaining – I was most impressed when he was juggling upside down using his feet – rather incredible.

But the main event is the sword fighting, and that didn’t disappoint. The knights encourage their supporters to get involved and the crowd went with it. Up close theatre combat is always fun and this was no exception.

The night at the Medieval Banquet comes in at £50 per head for adults, and all things considered I think it provides good value for money. £50 would be more than I would pay for a meal generally, but if you factor in the entertainment and drinks being included then I think this is more than fair. Still, if that stretches your budget there are often group deals for more than 4 people – family discounts and general group “6 for 4” deals, so keep an eye out for those on their webpage.

The Medieval Banquet runs all year but timings are seasonal, so check their site for event details and any special event news.


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The Supreme Fabulettes ~ Leicester Square Theatre ~ 29.08.2015

Billed as an ‘all-male girl group’ I was committed to dropping in to see this show as soon as I heard of it.

Having been at the Leicester Square Theatre to see Richard Herring earlier that evening, I caught a poster advertising the late show – and, having watched the matinee preview of Kinky Boots at the Adelphi, I figured why not go full circle and end the show with glitz, sparkles and drag queens?

The girls don’t disappoint. Vicki Vivacious, Portia De Fosse, Silver Summers and Vanilla Lush combine sassy quips with numerous costume changes, but more importantly – absolutely stunning vocals. Individually great, but collectively something special.

I particularly enjoyed the narrative throughout. Presented as if it were a biopic of their girl group career, they ran through the history of music decade by decade, interweaving classic numbers with stories of behind the scenes bust ups, partying to excess and all the other sorts of stories you hear of bands across the years.

This was my first experience of The Supreme Fabulettes and it was billed as a celebration of their work before they take a bit of a break, so I am unsure how representative my experience was of a regular show, but the faux documentary aspect made for an extra entertaining evening. It provided opportunities for comedic moments and also set up the solo performances in such a natural way – culminating in an absolutely astonishing mashup of Diamonds Are Forever and Rihanna’s Shine Bright Like A Diamond by the wonderfully talented Silver Summers.

The girls are currently taking a break, but do look out for them in the New Year – definitely a great value evening of entertainment!


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