Andrew Maxwell: Yo Contraire! ~ Prince of Wales, Brixton ~ 03.03.2016

Andrew Maxwell has long been one of my favourite comedians to listen out for on Radio 4. So it came as a shock to me to realise that I hadn’t yet seen him perform live.

So, when this gig came up involving him trying out things for a new Radio 4 project called Andrew Maxwell’s Late Agenda, I snapped up the opportunity to head to Brixton to see him do his thing.

He’s a wonderful blend of political comedy with storytelling and observational routines. He can tell a story of his own life then switch to a rant about Putin with the blink of an eye. But more than his prepared material, he’s just genuinely a likeable and cheeky guy.

The night at Brixton brought its own unique atmosphere, with some audience members having over-indulged at the bar and took audience participation to a higher degree than was needed. Andrew dealt with any and all interruptions with grace, a smile on his face, and a killer line or two to keep things on track.

The show should be out on Radio 4 within a few weeks – all manner of topics were covered, from ISIS to Donald Trump – so do look out for it on iPlayer. If Brixton’s try-out night was anything to go by, it’ll be a show worth listening to.


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