Phantom of the Opera ~ Her Majesty’s Theatre ~ 15.01.2016

A second visit to Her Majesty’s Theatre in six months for me – I wouldn’t normally schedule two visits so close to each other, but considering John Owen-Jones was returning to star in the title role for such a short time, it was a case of now or never.

Whether or not he will return to the role again is uncertain – after discovering he has fewer than 40 performances to go to hit the 2000 mark, he seemed keen to consider coming back at some point to hit that milestone.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the elaborate costuming and technical aspects of the show are phenomenal. And this time, sitting in the second row, I saw it all up close. The effects are not lost, only heightened by close proximity.

John Owen Jones was, of course, fabulous as the masked murderer. It was a pleasure to see him perform – he comes across as one of the most likeable people in theatre and it’s been a long-term aim of mine to see him perform in a role and not just in concert. His vocal delivery was absolutely spot on throughout, perfectly capturing the Phantom at his softest and most vulnerable, through to giving him a big voice during the epic dramatic numbers.

Once again I saw Emmi Christensen as Christine, and yet again she did not disappoint. Phenomenally talented and sings the role so beautifully. Nadim Naaman was simply brilliant as Raoul – it’s a character I often struggle to warm to, but it was very easy to root for his portrayal of the Vicomte de Chagny. Having witnessed Naaman’s skills on the football field, it was great to finally be able to see his talents on stage.

A personal extra highlight for me was seeing Rhidian Marc in the ensemble. He’s got such a lovely singing voice, I look forward to him progressing and picking up principal roles in the near future.

Phantom in the West End celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year, and I highly recommend you take time to visit this spectacular production if you have a chance.


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