Sofie Hagen ~ Soho Theatre ~ 06.01.2016

Sofie Hagen, a delightful “up-and-coming” comedian – well, “up-and-coming” if you’ve not been paying any attention to live comedy for the past few years.

Oddly enough, I have been aware of her work for quite some time – particularly in the fantastic anecdotal podcast Comedians Telling Stuff, which has featured some of the brightest and best that comedy has to offer – yet this is my first time seeing her perform live.

I’ve got to say – it was worth the wait. A fun-filled set, fresh from her award-winning run in Edinburgh. Her confessions of a teenage obsession with Westlife and how that plays out in her adult life as she performs in the same venues and occasionally encounters members of the former boyband are interspersed with darker stories from her past – dealing with depression and what situations she has found herself in because of that.

Her stream-of-consciousness and tangential narrative is a joy to follow along with, though, and actually does manage to tie itself together to produce a coherent view of who Sofie is – or at least a part of her. It’s a great introduction to someone who is a very likable, slightly-eccentric character, but I am convinced she still has a great many stories to tell. I look forward to hearing them.

In the meantime, you can listen to more of Sofie’s work with her podcasts Comedians Telling Stuff and Guilty Feminist, which she records with Deborah Frances-White.


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